1st and 2nd July, in Arnhem...

The End of the Year Show at Werkplaats Typografie
Agnietenplaats 2, 6822 JD Arnhem
Open 11:30—late
Please join us for the opening of our Pavilion
a temporary architectural imposition, intersecting
and guiding you through our walls, doors and floors.
For two days we will continuously host an
exhi­bition, a programme of events, drinks, and books
by Adriaan van Leuven, Auriane Preud’homme, Charlotte
Taillet, Dorothee Dähler, Eloise Harris, Jin Kwang Kim,
Joel Colover, Line-Gry Hørup, Luca Napoli, Malin
Gewinner, Maria Mitcheva, Melina Wilson, Oliver Boulton,
Robert Milne, Rosie Eveleigh, Sabo Day, and Yeliz Secerli.
Every hour is happy hour at Fontana Bar
with various drinks at various times, including beer,
Bellyaches, Boilermakers, coffee, Flirtinis, iced
coffee, Lemonade, Page 17s, red wine, She Lost
Some Fridays, Something Sci-fi, Late Sunrise
Breakfast, The Dynamite, The Glistening Silky Milky,
The Pavilion Foundation, and white wine.
In the meantime the Shop
is always open, with books, business
cards, encyclopaedias, magazine-like
books, facsimiles, maps, novels,
paper packs, slip-mats, the last couple
of posters, a wrapped pack of shapes
(both large and small), and zines.
All to be flipped.
Our Programme will run over both days:
Saturday 1st July

A guided tour (in English)
with Joel Colover
Shelf Life, book presentation
by Jin Kwang Kim &
Adriaan Van Leuven
Looking to be Looked at,
phone call from Oliver Boulton
Piñatakothek, film screening
by Line-Gry Hørup & Sabo Day
ButchCamp Dyke Bar Take Over,
book launch and talk with
Rosie Eveleigh & COCO
Crowded Place, party with
special guests
Sunday 2nd July

Bath, Bed and Beyond, radio
broadcast by Charlotte Taillet
& Joel Colover
Enclosed Bandpass II, sound
system test performance by
Maria Mitcheva & Jin Kwang Kim
COUGH/[Dutch word for “cough”],
a play by Stuart Sherman,
published by Instituut
Background Works, ambient
session by Luca Napoli

Looking forward to see you in Arnhem.

+31 (0)26 353 5774